Our Manchester 2025–2035: The city's future, shaped by you.

The Our Manchester Strategy 2025–2035 will be the city’s plan for the next ten years to make everyone part of the city’s successes. It should give all of us a fair share of the growth and opportunity – no matter where in this city we live, work, study or do business. It’s time to spread the new jobs, skills, housing, transport upgrades, regeneration and investment to all our people in all our areas. 

In 2015, we asked people to imagine their dream Manchester, and from those ambitious hopes the ‘Our Manchester Strategy 2015 – 2025 grew, its themes and priorities were shaped by the whole city. In 2020 the Our Manchester Strategy – Forward to 2025 was developed to refocus efforts on the city’s priorities and themes – with equality, inclusion and sustainability running right through them.

Now, together, we must focus our efforts for the next ten years so that everyone who lives, works, studies, does business or visits here can feel the benefits of our success and the opportunities it brings. 

Your input is crucial as we shape tomorrow together. We need to know your hopes for Manchester and the areas where you live or work. Our new vision, our city’s future, must be shaped by you – every resident, family, business and neighbourhood. 


This is your opportunity to join the conversation by taking ten minutes to answer the following questions.