Levenshulme and Burnage Low Traffic Neighbourhood consultation
We want to hear your thoughts on the latest phase of this consultation.

Please share your views by Sunday 30 January 2022

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3. How do you feel about the proposals to calm traffic and encourage walking and cycling in the Levenshulme and Burnage area


4. What effect do you think the proposed measures for Levenshulme and Burnage will have on the following groups of people?

Very positivePositiveNeutralNegativeVery negativeDon't know
Local residents
Public transport users and providers (buses, taxis)
People with disabilities

5. What impact do you think these changes will have on the following

Very positivePositiveNeutralNegativeVery negativeDon't know
Safety of pedestrians and cyclists
Public transport
Road safety
Air quality

6. Do the proposed changes make it more likely that you will:

Very likelyLikelyNeither likely nor unlikelyUnlikelyVery unlikelyDon't know
Walk more in this area
Cycle more in this area

7. Do you have any comments on proposals for a particular area?