Child Friendly City Survey
Over the next 3-5 years, Manchester will be working with UNICEF UK to ensure that the whole of Manchester puts children’s rights into practice.

We want Manchester to be a city where all children and young people – whether you are living in care, attending school/being home schooled, in a play, youth or faith based setting or visiting your local library – that you have a meaningful say in, and truly benefit from, the local decisions, services and spaces that affect your lives. 

This survey is aimed at children and young people aged 11-18 years old (up to 25 for vulnerable groups with additional needs).

Tell us your views – help our city get better for children & young people

Manchester City Council and UNICEF UK would like to hear the views of children and young people living in the Manchester area.  We want to better understand what our city is like for children and young people who live here. We will use these views to help us in our work to become a Child Friendly City (CFC) where ALL children and young people feel safe, heard, cared-for, and able to flourish.

We would appreciate it if you could spare 5 - 10 minutes to complete our survey. We don't need your name as this survey is anonymous. Please avoid writing answers that can identify who you are, e.g.  don’t include your name or address

Every question is optional. If you don’t understand any of the questions, please ask an adult that you trust to help you.

We will share the responses we collect with UNICEF UK and their research partners so they can evaluate the CFC programme.

Your answers will also be provided to researchers at UNICEF UK to help them review & improve this survey for other children & young people.

If any of the questions or topics in this survey have upset you or you feel like you need some support after the survey, please let a teacher or an adult know. 

Find out how any personal information we collect about you will be used by reading the council's privacy notice