Be Proud Awards 2023
Before you make a start on your nomination, read the category descriptions to make sure the one you choose is the best fit.
You will be asked to give details of why your nominee deserves to win; the more detail you can give the better. We'll also ask for their contact details. 

You may find it helps to write down what you want to say. Think about:
  • why you're nominating them
  • what they do that makes them stand out from the crowd
  • examples of how their work has paid off or made a difference
  • the difference they make to their community or area 
  • who they work with
  • how long they've been doing this
The work that is done by the person or group you are nominating must take place within Manchester's boundaries. Please submit your nominations by Friday 2 December.

The categories are:
  • Taking Neighbourhood Climate Action 
  • Helping to Tackle Poverty 
  • Increasing Skills and Employment Choices
  • Creating Safer Neighbourhoods 
  • Supporting Health and Wellbeing
  • Promoting Equality and Diversity
  • Creating Greener and Cleaner Neighbourhoods
  • Creativity in Neighbourhoods
  • Business in the Community
Read what the judges are looking for in each category before you decide which one is the best fit for you nominee.